Come dine under the trees

menu-boardPull up a chair and eat from the garden under the trees. This garden café is all about freshness and home baked cooking, serving garden greens from their own organic veggie patch in all of their meals.

Tucked away inside Schäffler’s Garden Nursery and a hideout from the hustle and bustle of Jo’burg, owner Christine has built up a reputation of serving delicious breakfasts, light lunches and wonderful teas in a tranquil, leafy garden setting. Cosy décor inside will keep you covered, weather-wise, with books and magazines to keep you company. Fresh, real fruit smoothies will refresh in summer and heaters, blankets, a sherry or Gluhwein will keep you happy in winter. They are pet friendly and will even oblige you with a doggie treat.

Signature dishes such as their homemade chicken pie, vegetarian quiches and gourmet salads keep you coming back. The roasted veggie salad with blue cheese and Roquefort apple (or pear) and pecan nut salad with yoghurt dressing are favourites. The masala chicken salad topped with avo or mango is famous. Wholesome breakfasts are served with 4th Avenue Roaster’s coffee and their scrambled eggs and croissants are the best in town!

Wheat free muesli with edible flowers (violas), gourmet paninis, carb free burgers and winter baked potatoes are more of what’s to enjoy from this busy kitchen.

Cakes, scones and muffins are freshly baked daily. The carrot cake recipe is a secret. Other treats are the baked cheesecake, lemon meringue, Mississippi mud pie and apple crumble.

Stop by the counter on your way out for a homemade salad dressing, berry jam, organic honey or Wild at Heart homemade cordial. Emthunzini hats with a UPF of 50 are on sale all year round and you can choose a good read from The Little Book Shoppe to complete your visit.

Hours are Tuesday to Sunday 8.00am to 5.00pm and they are open on public holidays.

Under the Trees garden café enquiries

(011) 786-0242

Under the Trees Garden Café Menu


Breakfasts are freshly prepared and take time, please be patient.

Breezy breakfasts

Anchovy toast on white or brown
Anchovy toast on health or rye
Butter Croissants with jam
Homemade muffins
Fruit salad with fresh seasonal fruit 50 with yoghurt
Health breakfast – wheat free muesli, fresh seasonal fruit, yoghurt
Extras: *Cheese  *Jam


with health or rye toast +2 with toasted panini
Plain omelette
Cheese & tomato
Mozzarella & tomato
Mushroom & Onion
Spinach & feta
Spinach, mushroom, cheese & bacon
Savoury mince (contains mushrooms)
Extras: *Mozzarella *Mushroom *Bacon

‘Under the trees’ breakfast – 2 eggs, bacon, savoury mince, beef sausage, tomato, mushrooms, two slices of toast, marmalade, fruit juice
Gardener’s breakfast – Spinach, bacon, fried egg, grated cheese, toast, fruit juice
1 slice/2 slices
Royal breakfast – toasted croissant, scrambled egg, smoked salmon (or bacon) fruit juice
Royal bagel – toasted bagel, cream cheese, salmon, scrambled egg, avo, fruit juice
Royal ‘carb free’ breakfast – scrambled egg, salmon, avo, spinach, mushrooms, fresh tomato, fruit juice
Bonsai breakfast – 1 egg, fried or scrambled, bacon, tomato, toast, fruit juice
French toast – with bacon, strawberries, banana and mayple syrup
Macon can be substituted for bacon at an extra charge
Extra egg
Breakfasts served all day during the week. Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays until 12.00am

Light Meals

Toasted Sandwiches and Croissants (Health and Rye available)

Cheese & tomato
Mozzarella & tomato
Chicken/tuna mayo (made with onion & gherkin)
Bacon & egg / banana
Macon & egg
Bacon & avo (when in season)
Bacon, onion, mushroom & mozzarella
Savoury mince (contains mushrooms)
Gourmet ‘under the trees’ – chicken mayo, bacon, mozzarella & avo
Extras: *Mozzarella *Tomato *Mushroom *Avacado * Spinach

Open Sandwiches (1 slice plain or toasted) (health or rye available)

Salmon & cream cheese 1 slice or 2 slices. Add avo
Cream cheese, honey, banana, pecan nuts
Chicken or tuna mayo (onions & gherkins) Add avo
Savoury mince (contains mushrooms) Add with avo
Bacon, onion, mushroom & mozzarella. Add with avo
Extra toppings will be charged for.

Paninis, Bagels & Tramazzinis

Mozzarella & tomato
Chicken/tuna mayo (made with onion & gherkin)
Savoury mince (contains mushroom)
Bacon & egg/banana
Macon & egg
Bacon & avo
Spinach & feta
Gourmet choices …
Bacon, onion, mushroom & mozzarella
Salmon & cream cheese
Chicken mayo, bacon, mozzarella & avo
Extras: *Mozzarella *Tomato *Mushroom *Avocado *Spinach
* Macon can be substituted for bacon at an extra cost

Salads – Fresh and scrumptious, served with a slice of health bread

Half portions will be charged at 75% of the normal price. Avo will be used when in season.
Masala Curried Chicken Salad lightly curried chicken breast cubes in a creamy cinnamon and ginger dressing with flaked almonds
Salad Nicoise – tuna, halved hard boiled eggs, tomatos, avo, black olives, lettuce
Salmon, Avo & Feta Salad – salmon, avo, feta, tomatoes, seasonal agreens and lettuce (cream cheese can be substituted for feta cheese)
Roquefort, Apple and Pecan Nut Salad – (or pear when in season) with avo, seasoal greens and lettuce with a yoghurt dressing
Roasted Vegetable & Blue Cheese – Roasted butternut, beetroot (when in season), rosa tomatoes, avo, blue cheese, pan-roasted pumpkin seeds and lettuce

Tea time ….choose from our homemade, freshly baked selection (subject to availability)

Scones with jam & cream
Baked cheesecake
Carrot cake
Lemon meringue
Mississippi mud pie (cream or ice-cream)
Apple crumble (cream or ice-cream)
Waffle with cream or ice-cream & syrup. Extra scoop ice-cream
Waffle with apple, cinnamon, cream or ice-cream
Waffle with seasonal fruit & cream or ice-cream
Banana & chocolate waffle (cream or ice-cream)
Vanilla ice cream 1 scoop with berry or choc sauce
Vanilla ice cream 2 scoops with berry or choc sauce