We are now in the middle of winter, having past the longest night and now well on our way to the longest day.

Did you know that we are a pet-friendly nursery? Bring your dog with you as you browse and shop.

Pop into the nursery and see what specials we are having. As a teaser, our Deco department is on special. Come in and see what catches your eye.

We are having a rose pruning demonstration at the nursery on Wednesday 26th July at 10h00. Phone for more details.


We are having a SEEDLING SPECIAL for the month of July. Buy 5 flowering or 5 vegetable seedlings and get one free.   Fabulous range, fabulous quality!

Flowers: there is still time to plant winter colour to chase away those winter blues.

Sun: you can still plant Pansies, Violas, Dianthus, Poppies, Gazanias amongst others.

Shade: plant Primula, Primroses, Viola and Lobelia.

  • Water your seedlings regularly and feed them with a pot plant food every two weeks to keep them strong, healthy and flowering
  • Deadheading is important to keep them flowering longer looking tidy.
  • Plant flowers in pots to add impact and colour.

Vegetables: there is still time to plant winter vegetables.

Tip: vegetables prefer to be grown in full sun.

  • Plant vegetables such as Spinach, Cabbage, Peas, Kale, various Lettuces and many more.
  • The more you pick, the more you get.
  • Feed your vegetables regularly with a liquid fertiliser.
  • Plant flower seedlings such as Calendula between your vegetables to help with any insects that might be attacking your vegetables.
  • Keep your vegetable garden mulched at all times.


  • You can still plant perennials such as Scabiosa, Salvia, Lavender, Angelonia among others.
  • You can still split perennials such as Agapanthus, Dietes(wild iris).
  • Cut back perennials such as Gaura to get them to flush in spring.
  • Feed your winter flowering perennials to keep them healthy and strong.
  • Cut down watering on dormant perennials but water those that are flowering.
  • Cover your cold sensitive perennials with frost cover.
  • Keep your perennials well mulched to keep the moisture in but also to protect the roots from cold and frost.


We are having a LESS 20% OUTDOOR PLANT SPECIAL for the month of July. Come in and see what bargains you can get.

  • Cut out any dead and diseased wood.
  • Don’t cut back any of your spring flowering shrubs or you will lose the flowers.
  • Cut any branches that are making the shrub look untidy and out of shape.
  • There is still time to plant Azaleas and Camellias, remembering that they are acid loving. They must be kept moist and well fed at all times.
  • Keep all your beds well mulched to protect the roots and to keep in the moisture.
  • Keep covering frost-tender plants such as Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Duranta and many others with frost cover to protect them.


The middle to end of July is PRUNING TIME. Ensure that you have all the right equipment and that these have been sharpened and in working order.

Remember to book your spot for the ROSE PRUNING DEMO at Schaffler’s on Wednesday 26th JULY AT 10H00AM.  Bring your Gardener!

  • Cut watering right down.
  • Do not fertilise.
  • Rake up and throw away any fallen leaves that have black spot on them.
  • Keep roses well mulched at all times.
  • Roses can be planted at any time of the year but July/August is the best time.

Fruit trees:

July is also the time to prune your deciduous fruit trees such as Peaches, Plums, etc.

  • End of July is a good time to plant new fruit trees.
  • Harvest fruit that is ripe.
  • Apply magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) to your citrus trees.
  • Keep your fruit trees well mulched.


Your Kikuyu is now resting so water it sparsely.

  • Start to lawndress your lawn any time from the middle of July.
  • Make sure that your lawnmower, trimmer and all necessary equipment is ready before Spring. Avoid disappointment by preparing everything before the rush.

Fish shop:


  • Having problems with your pond or fish? Need advice on pond or fish tank maintenance? Come in and speak to Peter.


  • Feed your garden birds this month with suet and bird seed.
  • Remember to keep your birdbath topped up at all times so that the birds can drink and bathe.
  • Try out our new product called Suet Pop. It is like a lolly pop but with suet and hangs in a tree with perches for the birds to sit on.
  • Put out fruit such as apple for your fruit eaters.

General tasks:

  • Check that all tree and rose stakes are in good condition for the coming season.
  • See that your irrigation system is adequate and working well.   If not, give Schaffler’s Landscaping & Irrigation a ring to schedule a service.